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High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
I have been buying stainless steel products from String One for more than 8 years. They always provide the high quality products and good services. Especially,they have very professional sales persons and engineers who can support me so much for my business I always feel relaxed when I place the order to String One

—— Nathan Brown

I am a purchaser from a construction company. String One have desinged and produced a lot of unique stainless steel products for us. I am so impressed that String One have good design and R&D departments and very advanced production machines to ensure the quality of my orders. Thank String One , thank their teams.

—— Sara Miller

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High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

China High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather supplier
High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather supplier High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather supplier High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather supplier High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather supplier

Large Image :  High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: String One
Certification: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015,CE,SGS
Model Number: SO-SC018

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
Price: USD 5.2-8.9/KG
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 25days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,Payapl
Supply Ability: 500 square metres/ day
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Unitized Curtain Wall System Colors: Silver,darkgray, Green,blue,client's Requests
Surface Treatments: Brushed Snow Sand,embossed Pattern,mirror,sandblast,random Pattern, Quality Control: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
Main Markets: Australia, Canada,New Zealand, Asia,Africa,Europe,USA,South America, Middle East Guarantee: 20 Years
Materials: 201/304/316 Applications: Hospital, Office Building, Residential House, Exhibition Center,Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings
High Light:

metal curtain wall


fire rated curtain wall

Stainless Steel Curtain Wall For Building Metal Aluminium Curtain Wall


Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy unit curtain wall


  • The unitized curtain wall is a high-end exterior maintenance system that conforms to the current world trend. It has the comprehensive advantages of factory assembly production, high standardization technology, and large saving construction time, and has become the most popular form of curtain wall in the field of building curtain wall.

Main features of the unit curtain wall:

1. Industrial production, high assembly precision, effective control of engineering construction cycle, obvious economic and social benefits.
2. The structure is sealed between the units, which is suitable for the displacement of the main structure and is suitable for super high-rise buildings and steel structure high-rise buildings.
3. It is not necessary to fill the sealant on site, and it is not affected by the weather.
4. It has excellent air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure deformation and plane deformation ability, which can achieve high environmental protection and energy saving requirements.



Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy curtain wall steel structure


  • The curtain wall steel structure has the advantages of light weight, easy installation, short construction period, good seismic performance, fast investment recovery and less environmental pollution. Compared with reinforced concrete structures, it has developed in three aspects: “high, large and light”. The unique advantage. Therefore, it is widely used in high-rise buildings, large public buildings (such as stadiums, airports, theaters, large factories) and other architectural fields.

Main features of curtain wall steel structure:

Advanced design: use the most advanced design methods to give full play to the mechanical properties of steel and save a lot of steel.
The structure is novel: the structure is exquisite, which greatly expands the building space and has a strong sense of architecture.
Quick installation: component standard, well-made, simple and fast construction and installation.
Complete technology: a complete technical system combined with building technology.



Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy point-supported curtain wall


  • Main features of point-supported curtain wall:

1. The support structure is available in a variety of forms to meet the needs of architects and project owners for the effects of building structures and facades.
2. The structure is firm and beautiful, the components are compact and practical, and the metal structure can be integrated with the transparency of the glass, and the space inside and outside the building is harmonious and unified.
3. The glass and the connecting claw pieces are connected by ball joints, and have strong absorption and deformation ability.


Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy full glass curtain wall


  • The all-glass curtain wall is a fully transparent, full-view glass curtain wall. Using the transparency of glass, the pursuit of the circulation and integration of the space inside and outside the building allows people to clearly see the entire structural system of the glass through the glass, making the structural system From the simple support to the display of its visibility, which shows the artistic, layered and three-dimensional sense of architectural decoration. The utility model has the characteristics of light weight, simple material selection, processing factory, quick construction, convenient maintenance and repair, and easy cleaning. Its effect on enriching the architectural façade effect is unmatched by other materials, and it is the embodiment of modern technology in architectural decoration.


Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy component curtain wall


  • The column (or beam) of the component curtain wall is first installed on the main structure of the building, and then the beam (or column) is installed. The column and the beam form a sash. The panel material is processed into a unit component in the factory, and then fixed on the column and the beam. On the sash. The load on the panel material unit assembly is transmitted to the main structure through the column (or beam).

The component curtain wall is divided into:
Bright frame curtain wall: The frame of the metal frame is exposed on the frame supporting the curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.
Hidden frame curtain wall: The frame of the metal frame is not exposed to the frame supporting curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.
Semi-hidden frame curtain wall: The vertical or cross member of the metal frame is exposed to the frame supporting curtain wall on the outer surface of the panel.
Component curtain wall advantages:
1. The construction method is flexible and the process is mature, which is a form of curtain wall structure.
2. The main structure has strong adaptability, and the installation sequence is basically not affected by the main structure.
3. The sealant is used for material sealing, which has good water tightness and air tightness, good heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction capability, and has certain resistance to interlayer displacement.
4. The panel material unit assembly is factory-made, and the structural adhesive performance is guaranteed.



Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy Intelligent breathing curtain wall


  • The breathing curtain wall is the "double green coat" of the building. The double-layer structure of the curtain wall has a remarkable sound insulation effect, and the structural characteristics also give the building a "breathing effect". The occupants can experience the true warmth of winter and cool in summer, reducing the discomfort caused by extreme environment; the active performance of the building body greatly reduces energy consumption. The use of a double façade system can reduce the energy consumption of a building's integrated energy by 30%-50%.

The curtain wall system consists of two curtain walls inside and outside. The inner curtain wall generally adopts a bright frame curtain wall, a movable window, or an access door; the outer curtain wall adopts a framed curtain wall or a point supporting glass curtain wall. A relatively closed space is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls, which greatly improves the insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation functions of the curtain wall.
The intelligent curtain wall is an extension of the breathing curtain wall. It is based on the intelligent building. The building supporting technology (warm, heat, light, electricity) is moderately controlled. The effective use of curtain wall materials and solar energy is effectively adjusted through computer networks. Indoor air, temperature and light save energy in the building's use and reduce the cost of production and building use. It includes the following parts: breathing curtain wall, ventilation system, shading system, air conditioning system, environmental monitoring system, intelligent control system and so on. The key to the intelligent breathing curtain wall lies in the intelligent control system, which is the whole process control system from the functional requirements to the control mode, from information acquisition to the execution of the command transmission mechanism. It involves the measurement of climate, temperature, humidity, air freshness, illuminance, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sunshade and other operational status information collection and control, power system configuration and control, building computer control and many other factors.
Third, according to panel materials: glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, artificial panel curtain wall, combined panel curtain wall



Stainless steel metal aluminium alloy photoelectric curtain wall


  • Photoelectric curtain wall is a new functional curtain wall that combines the functions of power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation and decoration. The combination of photoelectric technology and curtain wall technology represents a new direction of curtain wall technology development. It collects, transforms, accumulates, and transforms natural light through solar photovoltaic cells and semiconductor materials, and finally joins the building power supply network to provide reliable power support for the building.

Main features of photoelectric curtain wall
It has the function of converting light energy into electrical energy. The key component for achieving photoelectric conversion is the photovoltaic template. The back of the photoelectric template can be lined in different colors to suit different architectural styles. Its special appearance has a unique decorative effect, which can give the building a distinctive era color.
The basic unit of the photoelectric curtain wall is a photovoltaic panel, and the photovoltaic panel is a battery array which is composed of a plurality of photovoltaic cells in series and parallel. The photovoltaic panel is assembled on the corresponding structure of the building curtain wall to form a solar photovoltaic power system. The columns and beams of the solar photovoltaic power system are generally made of aluminum alloy keels. The photoelectric template should be easy to replace.



Some of our stainless steel curtain wall projects


High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

  • Saudi Arabia

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Supply Material Type: stainless steel erforated panel



High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

  • Middle East Railway Station Supply material type: stainless steel panels Surface treatment: PVDF Coating

High End Unitized Curtain Wall System , Exterior Curtain Wall Not Affected Weather

  • Huawei Litchi Park Staff Quarters ,Supply stainless steel type: stainless steel railings


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