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Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact

Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
I have been buying stainless steel products from String One for more than 8 years. They always provide the high quality products and good services. Especially,they have very professional sales persons and engineers who can support me so much for my business I always feel relaxed when I place the order to String One

—— Nathan Brown

I am a purchaser from a construction company. String One have desinged and produced a lot of unique stainless steel products for us. I am so impressed that String One have good design and R&D departments and very advanced production machines to ensure the quality of my orders. Thank String One , thank their teams.

—— Sara Miller

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Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact

China Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact supplier
Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact supplier Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact supplier Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact supplier Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact supplier

Large Image :  Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: String One
Certification: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015,CE,SGS
Model Number: SO-SSR04

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 25days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,Payapl
Supply Ability: 500 square metres/ day
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Colors: Blue, Green, Silver, Darkgray, Client's Requests
Surface Treatments: Brushed, Mirror,sandblast,random Pattern,snow Sand, Embossed Pattern Applications Hospital, Office Building, Residential House, Exhibition Center,Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings Quality Control: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
Main Markets: Europe,USA,South America, Middle East, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia,Africa Guarantee: 20 Years
Applications: Road Beside Hospital, Office Building, Residential House, Exhibition Center,Schools,Commercial Buildings,Enterprises Materials: 201/304/316
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stainless steel elevator panels


stainless steel hardware

Custom Stainless Steel Rainshed Platform Awning Canopy For Building


Stainless steel structure canopy rainshed type

  • Stainless steel structural glass canopy

The top of the steel structure glass canopy is tempered glass, or laminated safety glass, both of which are safety glass.

  • Stainless steel structural aluminum canopy

The main structure of the steel aluminium plate canopy is mainly steel structure, the top is made of aluminum plate, the advantage of the aluminum plate canopy: the aluminum alloy will never rust, no deformation, and there is no need to worry about falling objects falling from the high-altitude aluminum canopy, steel The structural aluminum panel canopy is the most cost-effective, longest life canopy, suitable for airports, banks, large supermarkets, government projects, schools, hotels, villas.

  • Stainless steel structure PC board canopy

PC board canopy can be divided (endurance board canopy, sun board canopy) This rain is characterized by light weight, with a warranty of more than ten years, especially suitable for greenhouse sheds, vegetable sheds, when it rains, the sound is noisy, This is his big weakness.

  • Steel structure color steel tile carport

Color steel tiles are available in a variety of colors. The commonly used colors are grass green and white, and their light weight can reduce the risk of collapse due to snowstorm weather. The installation is spliced ​​to avoid rain.


Stainless steel awning canopy rainshed design

  • Stainless steel awning panel design

The awning panel is a suspension panel fixed to the awning beam, and its bearing capacity is calculated according to the bending member. The calculated span of the awning takes the length of the picking of the board. The calculation unit takes a 1 m strip and calculates the root of the section taken. The height of the awning plate, that is, the thickness of the awning plate, can be taken from l/12 to l/10 of the length, and ≥ 80 mm. If a variable thickness plate is used, the thickness of the cantilever end of the plate should be not less than 50 mm.
The calculation is based on the following two combinations of loads:
(1) The larger of the uniform live load and the snow load combined with the constant load.
(2) Constant load plus construction or maintenance concentrated load

  • Canopy beam design

The canopy beam is subjected to the following loads and produces various internal forces within the beam:
(1) The awning beam doubles as the door lintel and bears the weight of the masonry on the door lintel. Due to the arching function of the masonry, part of the weight is directly transmitted to the pedestal, and only part of the masonry weight acts on the lintel. (See "Masonry Structure Design Code" for details), from which the bending moment and shear force can be calculated.
(2) The self-weight of the canopy beam acts as a uniform load on the beam causing bending moments and shear forces.
(3) The load transmitted from the awning can be calculated according to the concentrated load at the end of the awning and the uniform load on the awning surface, and the larger uniform load on the awning beam is calculated. The distribution of torque and torque is the largest at the ends of the beam and the smallest at the cross.
According to the force characteristics of the awning beam, the section design can be carried out according to the bending, shearing and torsion members to determine the cross-sectional area of ​​the required longitudinal steel bars and stirrups, and meet the relevant structural requirements.
Anti-overturning check
The requirements for anti-overturning verification are met: Mov ≤ Mr
In the formula, Mov is the overturning moment generated by the load design value of the awning plate on the overturning point.
Mr ——The design value of the awning against the overturning moment, and Mr = 0.8 Gr(l2-x0)
Gr - the anti-overturning load of the awning. It is the sum of the constant load standard values ​​of the masonry and floor of the layer and the self-weight of the beam within the 45° diffusion angle of the upper end of the awning beam. The horizontal length l3=ln/2 in the range of 45° diffusion angle, the distance from the point of action of Gr to the outer edge of the wall is l2=l1/2.
The longer the awning beam is buried in the masonry, the more weight the masonry is pressed on the beam, the stronger the ability to resist the overturning. Therefore, when the formula is not satisfied, the awning can be extended at both ends, or other ties can be used. Measures. Generally, when the net span length of the beam is ln<1.5 m, the length a of the beam embedded in the masonry should be a≥300 mm. When ln≥1.5 m, a≥500 mm should be taken.


Benefits of stainless steel canopy rainshed installation

  • At present, the windproof performance of the commonly used awning materials is not ideal, and it is dangerous to encounter windy weather. The awning can not resist the strong wind, and the plexiglass is brittle material, which is easy to be broken. At present, the strongest stainless steel awning has the problem of loud noise when it rains.
  • The new awning is designed by professional designers. It can achieve ultra-long durability, rainwater self-cleaning and sound-absorbing function through 519 raw materials weathering and finished product testing. It is suitable for the overall installation of houses, villas, elevator apartments and office buildings. It is beautiful, fashionable, safe and reliable. . According to the current structure of the house, there is no awning that can not open the window when it is raining and raining, which seriously affects the indoor air quality and the living environment of the owner. According to this situation, a new type of awning product has been developed, which satisfies the aesthetic appearance. It can also guarantee anti-aging, anti-yellowing, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, can withstand the impact of 12-level strong typhoon, can filter ultraviolet rays by 99%, and design service life for more than 20 years.
  • After installing a new high-quality awning, it can effectively block the ultraviolet rays harmful to the human body, block the sunlight from the window, and complete the heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor through the outdoor air convection, which greatly reduces the load of the air conditioner, and the power saving effect is very considerable. When the sun-dried window can shorten the sunshine time by half, it can effectively save energy and protect the environment. When it rains, it will not rain at a height of two meters, solving the problem that it is impossible to open the window when it rains.


Stainless steel structure canopy rainshed

  • The stainless steel structure canopy is built between two buildings, which connects two buildings as aisle canopy, or is placed above the entrance or top of the building to prevent rain, wind and high altitude. A building assembly in which fall objects fall and protect. Applicable to both sides of the street, industrial plants, schools, residential areas, office buildings, shopping malls and so on.
  • It is provided with rain and awnings on the upper part of the entrance and exit of the building. The upper part of the building and the upper part of the top floor balcony are used to block rainwater and protect the outer door from rainwater. A canopy beam is a typical flexural member. There are three types of awnings: (1) small awnings; such as: cantilevered awnings, suspended awnings. (2) Large awnings; for example, wall or column supported awnings, generally can be divided into glass steel structure and all steel structure. (3) New assembled awning.


Some of our stainless steel projects


Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact

Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact

Fashionable Stainless Steel Glass Canopy Withstand 12 Level Strong Typhoon Impact


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