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Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen

Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
Good quality Stainless Steel Curtain Wall for sales
I have been buying stainless steel products from String One for more than 8 years. They always provide the high quality products and good services. Especially,they have very professional sales persons and engineers who can support me so much for my business I always feel relaxed when I place the order to String One

—— Nathan Brown

I am a purchaser from a construction company. String One have desinged and produced a lot of unique stainless steel products for us. I am so impressed that String One have good design and R&D departments and very advanced production machines to ensure the quality of my orders. Thank String One , thank their teams.

—— Sara Miller

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Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen

China Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen supplier
Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen supplier Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen supplier Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen supplier Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen supplier

Large Image :  Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: String One
Certification: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015,CE,SGS
Model Number: SO-SSP03

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Customized
Delivery Time: 25days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,Payapl
Supply Ability: 500 square metres/ day
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Detailed Product Description
Name: Custom Stainless Steel Products Colors: Blue, Green, Silver, Darkgray, Client's Requests
Surface Treatments: Brushed, Mirror,sandblast,random Pattern,snow Sand, Embossed Pattern Applications Hospital, Office Building, Residential House, Exhibition Center,Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings Quality Control: GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
Main Markets: Europe,USA,South America, Middle East, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia,Africa Guarantee: 20 Years
Applications: Road Beside Hospital, Office Building, Residential House, Exhibition Center,Schools,Commercial Buildings,Enterprises Materials: 201/304/316
High Light:

stainless steel canopy


stainless steel hardware

Custom Stainless Steel Products For Hardware Furniture Door Window Bathroom Kitchen


Custom stainless steel products classification

  • Lock class

(1) Exterior door lock (2) Handle lock (3) Drawer lock (4) Ball type door lock (5) Glass window lock (6) Electronic lock (7) Chain lock (8) Anti-theft lock (9) Bathroom lock (10) padlock (11) combination lock (12) lock body (13) lock cylinder

  • Handle

(1) drawer handle (2) cabinet door handle (3) glass door handle

  • Door and window

(1) Hinge: glass hinge, corner hinge, bearing hinge (copper, steel), pipe hinge (2) Hinge: heaven and earth hinge, torque hinge (3) track: drawer track, sliding door track , folding door track, hidden door track, curved track, hanging wheel, glass pulley (4) latch (bright, dark) (5) door suction (6) ground suction (7) ground spring (8) door clamp (9) Door closer (10) plate pin (11) door mirror (12) anti-theft buckle hanging (13) bead (copper, aluminum, pvc) (14) bead, magnetic ball

  • Home decoration

(1) universal wheel (2) cabinet leg (3) door nose (4) duct (5) stainless steel trash can (6) metal suspension (7) plug (8) curtain rod (copper, wood) ( 9) Curtain rod rings (plastic, steel) (10) Sealing strips (11) Lifting racks (12) Clothes hooks, hangers
(1) aluminum-plastic pipe (2) tee (3) wire elbow (4) anti-leak valve (5) ball valve (6) eight-word valve (7) straight-through valve (8) ordinary floor drain (9) washing machine dedicated floor drain ( 10) Raw tape (11) pump valve

  • Building Decoration

(1) galvanized iron pipe (2) stainless steel pipe (3) plastic expansion pipe (4) rivet (5) cement nail (6) advertising nail (7) mirror nail (8) expansion bolt (9) self-tapping screw (10) Glass holder (11) glass holder (12) insulation tape (13) aluminum alloy ladder (14) goods bracket
(1) hacksaw (2) hand saw blade (3) pliers (4) screwdriver (one word, cross) (5) tape measure (6) nipper (7) needle nose pliers (8) diagonal pliers (9) Glass glue gun (10) straight shank twist drill bit (11) diamond drill bit (12) electric hammer drill bit (13) hole opener (14) open end wrench and plum wrench (15) rivet gun (16) grease gun (17) hammer (18) Sleeve (19) adjustable wrench (20) steel tape measure, box ruler, meter ruler.
Nail gun, sheet metal shear, marble saw blade
Putty knife, ash spoon, brick knife, shovel, cleaning blade, utility knife, ash bar.

  • Bathroom

(1) washbasin faucet (2) washing machine faucet (3) time delay faucet (4) shower (5) soap dish rack, soap butterfly (6) single cup holder, single cup (7) double cup holder, double cup, (8) paper towel holder (9) toilet brush holder, toilet brush (10) single towel rack, double towel rack (11) single layer rack (12) multi-layer rack (13) towel rack (14) beauty Mirror (15) hanging mirror (16) soap dispenser (17) hand dryer
Kitchen appliances
(1) kitchen cabinet pull basket (2) kitchen cabinet pendant (3) sink, sink faucet (4) scrubber (5) range hood (Chinese, European) (6) gas stove (7) oven (electricity, gas) (8) Water heater (electricity, gas) (9) Pipeline, natural gas, liquefied tank (10) Gas heating stove (11) Dishwasher (12) Disinfection cabinet (13) Yuba (14) exhaust fan (top, window, Wall type) (15) Water purifier (16) Dry skin (17) Food residue processor (18) Rice cooker (19) Hand dryer (20) Refrigerator

  • Mechanical parts

(1) Gears (2) Machine tool accessories (3) Springs (4) Seals (5) Separation equipment (6) Welding materials (7) Fasteners, connectors (8) Bearings (9) Drive chain (10) furnace Head (11) chain lock (12) sprocket (13) caster, universal wheel (14) chemical pipe and fittings (15) pulley (16) roller (17) pipe clamp (18) table (19) steel ball, ball (20) wire rope (21) bucket teeth (22) lifting block (23) hook, grab hook (24) straight through (25) idler (26) conveyor belt (27) nozzle, nozzle joint

  • Furniture component

(1) Furniture hardware feet (2) Furniture hardware frame (3) Wood screws (4) Hinge (5) Handle (6) Slide (7) Clapboard pin (8) Hanging piece (9) Nail (10) Head Machine (11) Threading machine (12) Multi-station machine (13) Pneumatic rod (14) Caster (15) Five-star foot (16) Spring (17) Zipper (18) Foam nail (19) Horse nail (20) Furniture mechanical

  • Materials and molds

The hardness of the metal stamping parts is measured by a Rockwell hardness tester. Small, complex-shaped stampings can be used to test small planes that cannot be tested on ordinary benchtop Rockwell hardness testers. The PHP series of portable surface Rockwell hardness testers are ideal for testing the hardness of these stamped parts. Alloy stampings are the most commonly used parts in metal processing and machine building. Stamping processing is a processing method in which a metal strip is separated or formed by a mold. Its application range is very broad.
Stamping parts processing includes punching, bending, drawing, forming, finishing and other processes. The materials processed by stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) metal strip materials, such as carbon steel sheets, alloy steel sheets, spring steel sheets, galvanized sheets, tin-plated sheets, stainless steel sheets, copper and copper alloys. Plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, etc.
1. Hardness testing of stamping materials
The main purpose of the hardness testing of stamping materials is to determine whether the degree of annealing of the purchased metal sheets is suitable for the subsequent stamping parts processing. Different types of stamping parts processing processes require sheets of different hardness levels. The aluminum alloy plate used for stamping processing can be tested by a Vickers hardness tester. When the material thickness is greater than 13 mm, the Barcol hardness tester can be used. The pure aluminum plate or the low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be a Barcol hardness tester.
2, hardness testing of stamping parts
The main materials for stamping die are die steel (including tool steel and high speed steel), and sometimes hard alloy.
Stamping die is usually required to have high hardness and wear resistance, and heat treatment is indispensable.


Typical use of custom stainless steel products

  • Most of the requirements for use are to maintain the original appearance of the building for a long time. When determining the type of stainless steel to be used, the main considerations are the required aesthetic standards, the corrosive nature of the location atmosphere, and the cleaning system to be used. However, more and more applications are only seeking structural integrity or water impermeability. For example, the roof and side walls of industrial buildings. In these applications, the cost of building the owner may be more important than aesthetics, and the surface is not very clean. The use of 304 stainless steel in a dry indoor environment works reasonably well.
  • However, in rural areas and cities to maintain their appearance outdoors, they need to be cleaned frequently. In heavily polluted industrial areas and coastal areas, the surface can be very dirty and even rusted. However, in order to obtain an aesthetic effect in an outdoor environment, nickel-containing stainless steel is required. Therefore, 304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain walls, side walls, roofs and other architectural applications, but it is best to use 316 stainless steel in aggressive industrial or marine atmospheres. There are several design guidelines including 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Because "duplex" stainless steel 2205 has a good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and high tensile strength and elastic strength, this steel is also included in the European guidelines. Product shape, in fact, stainless steel is manufactured in full-standard metal shapes and sizes, and there are many special shapes. The most commonly used products are made of sheet and strip steel, and special products are also produced from medium and heavy plates, for example, hot-rolled structural steel and extruded structural steel. There are also round, elliptical, square, rectangular and hexagonal welded or seamless steel tubes and other forms of products, including profiles, bars, wires and castings. In order to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects, a variety of different commercial surface finishes have been developed.
  • 3d printing field,Stainless steel itself has good corrosion resistance, and its stainless steel can maintain its excellent physical and mechanical properties at high temperatures. It is also widely used in 3D printing.


Custom stainless steel products

  • Stainless Steel (Stainless Steel) is the abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel. It is resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media or stainless steel. It is called stainless steel. Chemically resistant medium (acid, alkali, salt, etc.) The etched steel grade is called acid-resistant steel.
  • Due to the difference in chemical composition between the two, their corrosion resistance is different. Ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical media corrosion, while acid-resistant steel generally has rust. The term “stainless steel” refers not only to a single type of stainless steel, but to more than one hundred industrial stainless steels, each of which has been developed for its specific application. The key to success is first to clarify the purpose and then determine the correct steel grade. There are usually only six types of steels associated with the application of building construction. They all contain 17-22% chromium, and the preferred steel grade also contains nickel. The addition of molybdenum further improves atmospheric corrosivity, particularly corrosion resistance to chloride-containing atmospheres.
  • Stainless steel refers to steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, and chemically etched media such as acid, alkali, salt, etc., also known as stainless acid-resistant steel. In practical applications, steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media is often referred to as stainless steel, while steel that is resistant to chemical media is referred to as acid-resistant steel. Due to the difference in chemical composition between the two, the former is not necessarily resistant to chemical media corrosion, while the latter generally has rust. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel.


Custom stainless steel products application areas

  • In the field of architectural applications, the surface finish of stainless steel is important for a number of reasons. A corrosive environment requires a smooth surface because the surface is smooth and not easily fouled. The deposition of dirt can rust or even cause corrosion of stainless steel.
  • In the spacious hall, stainless steel is the most commonly used material for elevator decorative panels. Although the surface handprint can be wiped off, but it affects the appearance, it is best to use a suitable surface to prevent fingerprints.
  • Hygienic conditions are important in many industries, such as food processing, catering, brewing, and chemicals. In these applications, the surface must be cleaned daily, and chemical cleaners are often used.
  • Stainless steel is the best material in this area. In public places, the surface of stainless steel is often ridiculed, but one of its important characteristics is that it can be washed away, which is a remarkable feature of stainless steel over aluminum. The surface of aluminum tends to leave traces and is often difficult to remove. When cleaning the stainless steel surface, it should be cleaned along the lines of stainless steel, because some surface processing lines are unidirectional.
  • Stainless steel is best suited for hospitals or other areas where hygiene is critical, such as food processing, catering, brewing and chemicals, not only because it is easy to clean every day, but sometimes with chemical cleaners, and because it is not easy to breed bacteria. . Tests have shown that the performance in this respect is the same as for glass and ceramics.


Some of our stainless steel products projects


Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen

Hardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / KitchenHardware Custom Stainless Steel Products for Furniture / Bathroom / Kitchen



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